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I am in the middle of my front end leaf over conversion on my 83 cj7 and am wondering about the location of the tie rod and steering rod (goes from pitman arm to knuckle) These were both previously located above the leaf spring and now it looks like they should be beneath the spring now that the axles are on the bottom. Should I try to get a lowered pitman arm for correcting the angle and keeping the steering rod away from the spring? Should or could these be relocated above the springs? It seems they wil be a bit vulnerable to bending and scarring against rocks, trees, anything that gets in the way....I could fab a skid plate...just wondering what others have done.


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There are two basic set ups when you do a springover. #1 is to have the tierod and draglink below the springs. You will need a dropped
pitnam arm and what's called a S shaped draglink to clear the right side leafspring. #2 is to get Chevy front steering knuckles with the
removable steering arms so that you can get the tierod and draglink above the springs. Tri County Gear sells a kit to do this, although
it's far from cheap. My personal preference would be #2, as it keeps the steering components up out of harms way. Good luck and
let us know how it turns out.


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Yeah parts mike has got the knuckles, I just got them and they are well made, haven't installed them yet and I ordered a bunch of other parts from him at the same time so I don't know the exact cost, I think around 300 bucks, but well worth it for SOA conversions.

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