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Laredo Package

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Just got a 85 CJ7. (in addition to my old 78) It needs new paint & I was considering purchasing "Laredo" striping for it to go with the new paint. I have a chrome grill & chrome wheels that, I was told, was from a Laredo package. Does anyone know what the Laredo package consisted of? Also, did it only come in black, or other colors (if yes, then what colors). Has anyone purchased the stripe kits I see advertised,
are they nice?, or am I wasting my time 'cause they aren't going to look good anyway. thanks

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I'm not sure about all the colors, but I have an '84 Laredo package, some things I've noticed different about it are 1) the factory tach 2)leather grip steering wheel and passenger handle 3) high-back seats 4)yes the chrome bumpers, grill, and rims were on most too. As for the paint, mine is still a factory paint and it is metallic brown (sh*t brown as my friends call it) with orange and tan stripes (kinda 70's don't you think?) I wanna say I've seen a dark metallic blue but I'm not sure, oh yeah - dark red, it was metallic flake I think... almost burgandy. I've got a pic of it on an old service manual, a dark red or burgandy Laredo with gray and black stripes and letters - it's the sharpest factory paint on a CJ I've ever seen. I'll try to round it up if you would like. As for the strip kits, I've never bought one, but the ones I've seen look good when done well. However they never are exactly like the Jeep OEM ones if you ask me.


Sully, Thanks. Pix of the Red Laredo would be nice. Mine is red now & a color close to what it is now would be preffered. Also, any detials on the tach? Is it mounted on top of the steering column? Is the passenger handle leather wrapped also? Thanks again.

It might take me a day to round up that pick and get it scanned for you but I'll get it. The tach is located in the dash, like a factory clock but it is on the right side of the steering column, about parallel to the radio in height. My interior is tan or spice whatever they call it, so my passenger handle is brown with leather cover (stitched shut not wrapped) and a smooth grain finish (not swede). Good luck


the tach is on the right of the steering column opposite the clock, if you have one. the steering wheel and the oh-$hit bar are both wrapped in leather and the seats have 2 vertical strips. oh yeah the glove box in mine was a laredo emblem on it

80 CJ-7 Laredo 304v8 TF999 3.73's BFG M/T's
I currently own an '86 Laredo and had an '81 for about a week last summer:
High back front seats, '86 has fold & tumble rear seat, all have 2 vertical stripes bordering the 'ribbed' area of the seats.
The '81 had a padded center console lid.
Leather wrapped steering wheel & chicken bar.
In-dash clock (above the headlight switch) and in-dash tach (above the wiper switch).
Black plastic gauge/radio surround.
Pinstriping on the dash and Laredo emblem on the glove box door.
'86 has AC and cruise and delay wipers.
Both are automatics.
'86 has factory driving lights.
Tinted hard top windows.
Chrome grill, bumper, bumperettes, and wheels.
Underhood liner and light.
Power brakes & steering.

'81 was midnight blue, '86 is burgundy.
I've also seen them in brown, black, red, grey/silver, white, yellow, pale gold metallic (almost bought that one a few years ago)...also saw a green metallic that I almost bought as my first Jeep but that one may have been a Renegade, don't recall for sure. You can probably find one of just about every factory color out there.

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Here is that scan I promised you. Sorry about the nics and scratches but this is on the cover of an '87 Clymer service manual that sees a lot of abuse in my rear lockbox from my tools. Not to mention that it was a pain in the butt to submit a pic under 50kb - if you want to see the whole thing and a better picture, go to this page:
I don't know about you guys, but I think this is one of the sharpest OEM paint jobs on a CJ!

Sully '84 CJ7 Laredo 258 w/HEI


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