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Knobs on Dash: Help!

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How do I take the knobs off of the dash? Heater cables, Washer, Fan and Lights?
I know this is a typical puzzle on the CJ Dash, I just could'nt find it on a search. I am taking the dash off.


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ok.. first.. i havent had to many off that didnt break or were broken already. the lights you take off by pulling or pushing cant quite remember.. on a button on the light switch assy. and pull out the knob and shaft. then simply unscrew and take it off. the wipers.. take knob off and unscrew. but the cables you simply push the back of them together and pull out thru the dash. and the chrome pieces you can just take off. but the knobs.. well some off the after market ones you can push on a washer and take them off.. and some have set screws in them.. but the stock ones.. well you kinda have to pull them off and they usually break... a cool alternative to the knobs is to go to a lowes or home depot.. and get some kitchen cabinet knobs, i took some round ones and painted them to match the dash.. and just glued them on. good luck..

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