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I am ready for my kids to get dirty and away from the nintendo! I am looking into buying an older 50-100 cc 4 wheeler. I have looked at several but would appreciate feedback from people that have been there and done that. Tell me your Horror Stories and at least what not to buy! Thanks


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it depends on your kids. if they are real young then they are definatly need the
smaller bikes. dont sell youre kids to short i have a 5 th grader that is a girl
and she rides a honda fl250 odessey. as well as a polaris trail boss es 250 quad
i have 3 girls at home now and they all ride some. i tried to start them on a small motor cycle have you ever tried to teach a 6 yr old how to cluch, rev, shift,accelerate, not overrap an engine, ect...

for ease of teaching the oddy and polaris is great, and they run close tot the same speed of the mid range stock quads. my brother has a new blaster and i can
keep up with it, and the used polaris was a lot better priced. i bought 2 of them for under 1000. my brothers new blaster was 3200. and the kids like riding
even when at first they thought they were to big for them.

lastly be with your kids when they ride, wach them and instruck them, get them
proper protection.

suzuki and yamaha used to make a few quads that are manuel shift but have no
cluch, if you wish to teach them that i would go that way. you may want to step up to a 200, they learn fast. and will usually want to climb more or run faster.


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Make sure you look into your local laws. Here in California it is illegal for anyone under 16 to opperate a quad.


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My son is 13 and my daughter is 9 and i got them a Suzuki 160 Quadrunner this bike is GREAT!!! 4 stroke low maintanence easy to ride 5 spd you can govern the throttle i looked at all bikes in this area and this is the best good luck.


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Suzuki Lt-80
Pro's: Full suspension, electric start, auto-trans (push gas & go), 2-stroke, good power.
Cons: less suspension travel than the Honda Trx90. Will require top end maint. (rings & gaskets) sooner than other (2) Atv's.

Honda TRX90
Pro's: Smoothe even 4-stroke powerband, nearly bullet proof, excellent suspension (best of the 3), 4 speed manual shift trans (no clutch).
Cons: Pull start

Yamaha 80 (Badger?)
Pro's: Smoothe even 4-stroke powerband, nearly bullet proof, electric start, full suspension, 3 speed manual shift trans (no clutch), shaft drive.
Cons: ???

All of these quads have throttle limiting capabilities to regulate speed. All have drum brakes. I myself have looked at all of these models as well. Based on my application (90% riding in "sand dunes") I'm going with the Suzuki LT-80. It, I feel has more speed and power for this specific use. If I were riding more dirt, trail, Etc I would defintely go with the Honda TRX90.

Another one that has become real popular is the ETON 90. It's made by a company in Taiwan. The real driver on this one is cheaper cost. I believe retail is aprox. $400-500 less than the Suzuki LT 80. Personnally I let more time pass on this one to hear comments as to how it holds up before I'd make a decision to purchase.

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I just bought quads for the entire family and went through shopping for kids quads. My son is 5, daughter 9, neither with any motorcycle experience. I ended up buying both the E-Ton 50 and 90. Electric start,auto choke,auto shifting,no clutch, 2 stroke,oil injected. The 90 will actually barely outrun a Honda trx90,(by a hair). Seems the easiest way for young kids to learn, just throttle and go. The 50 also has a training teather that kills the motor if they get out of hand, and both have throttle limiters as well. Price for the 50 is 1899, the 90 is 2099. Both seem well built and sturdy. Their web adress is Also the 50 has an exhaust restricter that can be removed as your child improves their skills, but the 90 does not.
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