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KFX Jetting

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.....I am going to instal a complete HMF exhaust. They are recomending a 170 main!? I am told that that's way too big? Anyone ever experiment with this set up?
.....I am told by some know it alls that a 155 is more suitable.
any info would be appreciated.
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i have a z400 put a yoshi pipe k&n air filter & 150 jet it was way to big now i have a 142 and bike runs great.
whats good for one is not good for another......
It all depends on what your elavation is, how your exhaust flows and what kind of air filter you have...
To get it right you will have to read your plug, start by putting on your exhaust syst. then put in a new spark plug, ride it for about an hour, HARD , then pull your plug, it should be kinda white, LEAN, pull your main jet out and see what you have, pending on what color your plug is, will determine what to do with the jet
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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