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Key in the Ignition Buzzer??

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Recently I’ve been having a problem with my battery draining after a few days when I leave my key in the ignition (parked in garage). I tore apart the steering column, checked out the ignition switch on the column, tested the alternator, made sure the radio turns off, checked and made sure the amp turns off (gets signal from radio to turn on); made sure the battery is still good.

Did an 82 CJ7 come from the factory with one of those buzzers installed that tells you the key is in the ignition? Is there something else I should look for? Other then the obvious solution of removing the key I have not been able to locate the problem.
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1. No door buzzer that I can remember,
2. The weight of the key, and ring,
3. May be moving the switch ever so slightly,
4. And if the ignition switch is flaky,
5. That could be enough to send current,
6. Willy-nilly throughout the system.
7. I'd be looking into buying a new ignition switch,
8. And getting into the habit,
9. Of removing the key!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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