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I just got some tires for the Zuki as well. Similarly, you have to be ready when an opportunity arises.

I have some 29x8.5" Swampers on the Zuki (yes, they are cute), and wanted to go to 32x9.5's. SCRAM had some fairly new 32x9.5's and wanted to go to 34x9.5's. Well, a friend of his is selling his 34's to go to 36's, so the chain reaction started.

Zukinut is buying mine, I am buying SCRAM's, Scram is buying the other guy's, and that guy is getting the 36's. So in a matter of only a few hours 4 sets of Swampers have changed hands.

Yep, when opportunity knocks, open the door quick.

Winter Harbor, Maine
'81 CJ-8 Scrambled, It's a Jeep, Chevy, IHC kinda thing!
'88.5 Zuki, 5" Calmini, Locked, Swamped, Rolled, and just generally broken in right!
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