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Just a thanks

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I don't know if you check this board out, but thanks to the guy in Suffolk County, NY('87 black YJ with 33's) who stopped me Friday night to let me ('84 white CJ) know my tailights were out. I was on my way to a bar that night with my girlfriend, and the last thing I needed was a cop pulling me over for something dumb like a loose wire. The sad part is that I was driving on the highway for at least forty minutes that night, and only a fellow jeeper took the time to let me know. As my girlfriend said, "it must be a jeep thing."

Thanks again.

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Hey, did you go off-roading this weekend with the LIOR club up in Suffern?

[email protected]
No,I haven't gone wheeling since I moved out on my own. I don't have the luxury of towing it back to my parent's house, having the $'s to fix it, and borrowing pop's truck in the meantime. I miss those days! I have to settle with going to the beach in the summer, and minor trail running.

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