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flipping channels on TV i came acorss a old western made i dont know,back in the 50's maybe? was called "Shane" a statement "Shane" made to a kids mom after showing the boy a few shooting lessons,he said,(tho i know this isnt exact)
Guns are a tool,like a shovel,a rake,or a pitch fork....Guns are a tool,no better, no worse, than the man who uses it.
Why post this,i dunno...just cause of how society is towards guns now i guess,and how this statement would have been heard back then and probably no one giving it a second thought,and probably most every person agreeing to it as well.
Just sometimes i wish we were still back in those "western" days..But i guess mudders wouldnt work to well on a horse,oh well...Least i still live where i dont have to lock the doors at night,and car keys hang in the ign. all the time.But even though i can and do,i see the day drawing closer that this will no
longer be possible,and is as sad as it is scary where we are headed..Hope this dont start another long heated debate between the people here,more like bring them a bit closer together,our numbers are small and we need to stick together and recruit new members instead of internal fighting,so we all dont like guns,thats ok,we all like offroading,Jeeps,or any 4x4 etc somewhere i heard the saying "Together we can make a difference" and what better medium to use than the internet,what better to draw people together than the love of automobiles.where am i going with this? i spose just rambling,ok done rambling now.


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That is one of the real classic westerns. Alan Ladd. And rather than the "guns are tools" statement reflecting the old west - of Shane's time - that statement was probably a better reflection of the time of when the movie was made - the 50's, I think.
Next time you see any Alan Ladd show, watch for him standing on a box. He was real short. Use to be a big thing that he would not be seen in a movie next to anyone full length so that the movie goers could see how really short he was. They also lowered doors and stuff so that he looked regular size.

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SHANE" (the 1953 movie)

Shane rides into a conflict between cattleman Ryker and a bunch of settlers, like the Starretts, whose land Ryker wants.
When Shane beats up Ryker's man Chris, Ryker tries to buy him. Then Shane
and Joe take on the whole Ryker crew. Ryker sends to Cheyenne for truly evil gunslinger Wilson.
We wonder about Shane's relation to Joe's wife Marian.
Shane must clear out all the guns from thevalley before he can ride off with Joey hollering "Shane ... Shane ... Come Back!"

Alan Ladd-Shane
Jean Arthur-Marian Starrett
Van Heflin-Joe Starrett
Brandon De Wilde-Joey Starrett
Jack Palance-Jack Wilson
Ben Johnson (I)-Chris Calloway
Edgar Buchanan-Lewis
Emile Meyer-Rufus Ryker
Elisha Cook Jr.-Frank Torrey
Douglas Spencer-Mr. Shipstead
John Dierkes-Morgan Ryker
Ellen Corby-Mrs. Torrey
Paul McVey-Grafton
John Miller (I)-Atkey
Edith Evanson-Mrs. Shipstead

Wonderful movie that was slow at times, but had a real impact on me in my formative years.
It was also the begining of the movies where the hero died, but Hollywood wasn't about to show Shane dieing.
The scene with little Joey shouting for Shane to come back was much more effective.
All in all, a ture classic.


"SHANE" (the 1966 TV series )

After the death of her husband, Marian Starett takes on the arduous task of both raising a son, Joey, and protecting her farm from ruthless land baron Ryker.
Nomadic gunfighter Shane decides to hire on with Marian as a cowhand, and, at the same time, serve as a father figure for little Joey.

CAST: (...if you can call it that...)
David Carradine-Shane
Bert Freed-Rufe Ryker (1966)
Sam Gilman-Sam Grafton (1966)
Jill Ireland-Marian Starrett (1966)
Christopher Shea (I)-Joey Starett
Tom Tully (I)-Tom Starrett (1966)

Really bad TV version.
Was intended to show Shane didn't die after being shot in the movie, and also to follow up on the connection between Mrs. Starrett.
This was also to serve as the star vehicle for two virtually unknown actors at the time, second generation Hollywood actor David Carradine (who later landed as the star in the 'Kung Fu' series), and Jill Ireland, an up and coming would-be starlet that was rumored to be the studio chief's girlfriend at the time.

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