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Just A Question(I\'m Confused)/Which Ones?

I'm kind of new and not so new(I've done some dirt bike riding back in the day)but this 4 wheel atv thing is and i was just wondering which atvs would be a likely choice for my needs.I'm not looking to start a brand war or any kind of flaming.My main concern would be Work(Plowing Snow)and recreation as my second concern(In that order).It would be nice if i could have the best of both worlds but i need an educated opinion on this topic so by all means please share your opinions with me.

My other question is automatic or standard(i've only seen automatics in advertisments)not unless they call standard type transmissions by some other type of name?

Any Help would be greatly apprieciated

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Re: Just A Question(I\'m Confused)/Which Ones?

I ve noticed this board is somewhat slow.Id prolly do a search for another atv forum.Also,you might get a better response in the "atv general"board.Thats a little bit more visited than this.
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