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Don't know how many of you have ridden up in the Juniper Flats area but it's one of the last ridding areas left up in the Big Bear area her in Southern California. Well some people that call them selves the Deep Creek coalition or what ever are about to try to get the area closed and from what I read at there board they just might get it done! The guy raising the most stink has even implied so much as to say what ever it takes even if you have to make up crap to tell the BLM. I've follow there nonsense now for a few years but for some reason when ever I try to register to post anything the registration won't go thru! It's funny when someone mention turning Deep Creek into a wild and scenic area like Boxer trying to do! T Deep Creek hot springs page hey come all unglued. Don't know how many of you have actually been down to the hots springs but these green winnies have turn the place into a garbage dump! Hope someone might be able to figure out what the secret is to there registration because I've tried for more than a year to get in! Might be they have it closed for just the ones that post, because I don't think I've seen a new person post in over a year! Heres the address to the fourm:
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