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Jimmy- how\'s your swap

Have you gotten your Jeep off the ground yet? I think I may have figured out what tranny to use either a C6 or a C4 automatic.. Then a Np205/208 with a passenger side drop.

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Re: Jimmy- how\'s your swap

Well it's cranking and ignition is all wired up. The carb I have needs a serious rebuild so I think I am just gonna pick up a different one from a friend and see if it wont fire up tommorow. I already reinforced the engine mounts, so tonight I will cut the center of the crossmember out for front pinion clearance. As soon as the clutch is sorted out I am gonna drive it to the exhaust shop(yes I'm gonna drive it with an open exhaust, just 2 pipes coming down off of the headers) so I can have it on the road for my vacation next week.

If you go for the c4 use a 205 transfercase, they are indestructable.
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