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Looking at a post from Cliffhnger (Tom?) that was made in January of this year, it seems that there were 75,227 Jeepsters produced from 1967 to 1973. How does that compare to the total number of CJ's that were produced during the same time period? And, is it because of the small production numbers that there are no parts for Jeepsters?

It is almost embarrising to have to explain what a Jeepster is to some parts people. To say nothing for looking for nonexistant rubber parts for the Jeepster convertible only to find that if I had a Henery J or some other car there is all the rubber parts I might want. Try looking in the Metro catalog and see if the apparent availabilty of parts for some other cars is not frustrating when you see how little is available for the Jeepster.

For information, according to Tom's post about 6.2% of the total Jeepster production was devoted to the covertable in the 8701 and 8702 models. However, the most rare is the Roadster and Pickup that were produced in 1973 with 373 and 402 units of each produced. The 67-72 station wagon with 64% produced is the most popular.

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here it is again for those of you who didn't see it

TYPICAL FACTORY OPTIONS 1972: 431-Avocado Mist metallic, 490-Butterscotch Gold, 432-
Air bag helper springs, air conditioning, center console, cigar Champagne White, 517-Copper Tan, 513-Daisy Yellow, 514-Fawn
lighter, courtesy lights, drawbar, fuel tank skid plate, heavy duty Beige, 512-Fairway Green metallic, 515-Trans-Am Red
cooling system, heavy duty front or rear springs, high output (55 1973: 431-Avocado Mist metallic, 490-Butterscotch Gold, 495-
amp) alternator, limited-slip rear differential, mag-style wheel cov- Canary Yellow, 432-Champagne White, 492-Jetset Blue metallic,
ers, power brakes, power convertible top, power steering, push 491-Julep Green, 226-President Red, 493-Yuca Tan metallic
COLORS (PAINT CODES INCLUDED) 1968 March: 8702 austere convertible introduced
1967: 385-Empire Blue, 406-Glacier White, 393-Gold Beige, 226- 1969 May: 8701 convertible deleted. Side marker lights intro-
President Red, 393-Spruce Tip Green duced
1968-1970: colors similar to 1967 1970 Powersteering option introduced

1971: 431-Avocado Mist metallic, 435-Burnished Bronze metallic, 1971 8702 deleted. Air conditioning option introduced. Hurst
478-Candlelight Yellow, 432-Champagne White, 477-island Blue Jeepster special introduced

metallic, 226-President Red, 433-Spring Green, 225-Spruce Tip 1971-1/2 8702 briefly returns. SC-'i special introduced
Green metallic, 434-Vintage Gold metallic 1972 Commando model introduced in pickup, roadster, and sta-
tion wagon models

1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973
8701 2,327 422 136
8702 1,109 280 294 89
8705 1,457 1,581 1,357 1,353 194 266*
8705F 6,406 9,099 8,500 6,886 7,193 9,837*
8705H 2,431 1,713 1,016 735 427 582*
87 374
88 402
89 8,761
* The new Commando used the old model designations for 1972.
Source: AMC production build sheet, circa1989

8701: Convertible classic Jeepster look-alike, fold-down top, two-tone paint, Continental kit
8702: Convertible, Plain Jane or "austere" model
8705: Open roadster, half- or full-length softtop optional
8705F: Station wagon, full-length metal hardtop
8705H: Pickup, half-metal cab
87: Commando roadster
88: Commando pickup
89: Commando station wagon

69 Jeepster
89 Suburban 4wd
00 Expedition 4wd

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