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In eager anticipation of the jam, in the last two months I have overstepped my budget by gettin this stuff:
-new HEI dist, cap, rotor and coil
-set of steel horse seats
-HS9500i Warn winch
-new beefy rear bumper
-tera low transfer case kit
-new thrust II mufflers
-set of used (but nice)chrome wheels
I just got the gears in yesterday, and I was able to keep my front splashguard with the warn, it looks pretty cool, Ill post pics when I can.

I hope everybody shows up who can!

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Ever heard Lurch from the Addams Family say OOOOoohhh!
That's where I'm at. This motor change has been a (for want of a better term) mess! Talk about how much it has cost? Uh uh, nope, not at all.
I really appreciate my buddie Mike Z. for helping me with it. But, he is more of a perfectionist than I am. Not that I'm complaing. I love for things to be perfect, but I want my damned Jeepster at the Jam!
If it's capable, it's coming.

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