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JeepskEight it is...

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Yup, the decision is made and dismantling begins Saturday. The Scrambler is going to become the new & improved Jeepskate. I'd like to thank everyone for their suggestions & opinions. I flip-flopped on this decision for almost a month and it wasn't easy, but I felt that given my future plans & current needs, this made the most sense. Yes, it's a lotta work, but I learned alot doing it the first time around and only some of it needs to be duplicated (painting frame, lining tub,etc), the rest is drop ins and bolt ons. I'll have some parts from both vehicles available for sale like power steering, power brakes, steering columns, CJ-7 frame, YJ tub, TJ rollbar, etc.

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Can we assume that you'll post a list for us? Of course that could take a couple of posts!
Have fun with Jeepsk8!

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Hey, sounds like you might even come out ahead if you sell those parts. I didn't give my opinion, but you choose what I've been kick'n around. I love my 7, but I keep thinking of building an 8 from the ground up. I've learned alot building "Mellow Yellow" think how much fun I could have building "Grade 8"! I'm sure it will be fun to watch you progress. Good luck and have fun!

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Sounds like a good plan to me - I don't know that I'd go with the CJ7 hardtop though. Basically, you'll have a CJ7 inside, with a little trunk, which you could've gotten with a nice trail rack on Jeepskate.... Maybe you'd want to go with an 8 softtop or something. I just don't think that the CJ7 hardtop will make best use of the extra room your bargaining for.

Just my opinion. Good luck!

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Well good to see you did what i have been doing for 12 years, building, experimenting, improving and putting all of your time into working on your rig. I probably have less than 500 miles in 12 years but the wrenching is fun.
Good Luck with the 8, Mike

Actually, I posted a short list of stuff in the classified section at
Those guys are mostly local, so I figured that was the best place to start with the big stuff.

Ah, but part of the idea is that I won't have to buy a bunch of stuff (racks, bumper/tire carrier combo) to hang off the back :)
The hardtop would only be on for Winter runs, a full soft-top is definitely on the "too buy" list.

Yeah, I should at least recoup the purchase of the Scrambler and make enough to buy my patch panels and diamond plating. Contemplating selling the Dana 44 rear as well to help fund building the 9" I bought a few weeks ago. There should be a lot of progress these next couple of weeks.

12 years?!?!? Stop it man, you're scaring me ;-) It'll be out next year...gotta be ready for the Jeep-L T2K run in June. Of course it won't be in it's "final" iteration by then ;-)

Good luck... I still say the cj 8's are funny looking. Have you ever seen one o the ramp, it just about hits the rear on the ground. Atually i'v always had the idea of stretching the rear wheel all the way back o a cj8. That would look good but woul need a custom frame.

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I think they're funny looking when they're stock height or only slightly above, but with the SOA and 35"-36" tires it'll look quite nice. The thought of moving the rear axle back upwards of a foot has crossed my mind...quick glance suggests that I could just move the rear shackle hanger back and run some Wagoneer or similar longer rear springs...but then of course that increases my odds of getting hung up in the middle with the even greater wheelbase. I'll probably either leave it alone or only move it a couple of inches and put some sort of monster skid plate on the rear.

IMHO: Scramblers are VERY cool!
I have my eye out for one myself.
Plus, you will have a happier (longer) drive shaft.
Especially with that 9 inch.
Oh well, another winter.
BTW: Longer wheel based vehicles at times have a distinct advantage in the Farmington area's sandstone terrain.
You'd better finish this one though.
Or folks will think you are getting a little? obsessive!
At least your wife should be happy about your thinking and tinkering with Jeeps all the time instead of other women! I'm sure mine does.
Busy hands (and minds) are happy hands (and minds).

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