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Your CJ5 is a little more prone to roll over than the later models. You may be too young to remember the big deal the liberal media democrat slugs made in about 1980 about how Jeeps rolled over easily. They woud take one on a test track and go about 50 and jerk the steering wheel hard and guess what? It rolled over. Yes, the center of gravity is higher. Those days the type of bias belted snow tires they came with were very un forgiving. If you got it to start sliding sideways, they bit into the road surface and the Jeep could roll over. I did this in a 1979 CJ7. In the early 80's the axles were widened and shortly thereafter the newer designed Wranglers came out and are safer than the old models. As stated before, Jeeps are not sports cars. Their purpose is entirely different.

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