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Well, last night I was watching 4x4TV or was it the Discovery Channel special on Extreme 4x4 machines... don't recall which, at anyrate. Sitting there watching and a they show a jeep climing up some rocks, I had my Little girl in my lap and as of latley she's been learning more and more new words, well, i pointed at the screen and said "Jeep".. she pointed at the screen, and said "jeep" and then looked at me, after that each time they showed a new one, she pointed at the screen and said "Jeep"

Oh it was such a proud moment for Papa....
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good to see "the rat" is getting a better vocab. then her pops teacher TJ good CJ bad

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That's great. My son (he's 2-1/2) points jeeps out and says jeep and asks where daddy's jeep is. Drives my wife nuts though.
Ya, I guess I could also have pointed out that my little girl is 18-19 months old...
That was one of my son's first words also. He's 9 now and we all play the Jeep game. We get to call Jeeps and keep score, 5 points for a CJ/TJ/YJ, 2 points for Cherokees/Grands and 1 point for a Liberty. All others are bragging rights.
Definitly good memories.
Shouldn't you deduct one point if you call out a Liberty.....
Funny, little girls first word wasn't jeep, but it was the first word that she learned how to spell
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Ditto on driving the wife nuts. Me and our daughter always holler when we see a CJ or older Jeep, REAL JEEP!, but newer than a CJ, FAKE JEEP!. Just some ribbing to ya'll that drive anything newer than a CJ, cause most any Jeep vehicles are great rides. 'Old' round lights are better than squares. Just kidding!

'82 CJ7, 258 CID, (MC2100 & HEI upgrades), T5, D300, Flowmaster muff., & 265/15's, (soon to be 33x12.50x15's on the ground)
Two things...

First, your girl's going to make some Jeep guy very happy man someday.

Second, I had a dog when I was growing up. As with any dog, he loved going for rides in a car. When asked "Wanna go for a Jeep ride!!??" he'd jump around and wait by the garage door. He didn't do that for any other... If you said "Want to go for a car ride?" nope... had to be a Jeep.
He loved sitting in the back seat of our CJ sniffing the breeze as it passed by. After all, he didn't have to stretch to stick his head out the window, it was just on HUGE window all around him..

make a Jeep guy happy? WTF are you talking bout.. she's not gonna be allowed to date.... Plus, i spend enough time on this board to know better than to date guys like ...uuummm.. us...
When did you start dating guys from the board? I knew about Aaron's preferences, but now you too?
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make a Jeep guy happy? WTF are you talking bout.. she's not gonna be allowed to date.... Plus, i spend enough time on this board to know better than to let her date guys like ...uuummm..

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I have to chime in on this.
My (just turned 2) daughter calls my Jeep "Ahhhooogaaaa", because of the old fashion horn noise.

She loves playing in the Jeep and riding in the back with her sunglasses on.
She gets pretty ticked when I have to take her out of the Jeep. She gets upset if she hasn't seen the Jeep in a while, I have to take into the side yard to show her that it is still there.

I attached a picture

Maybe I need to teach her how to spell.


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man thats a cute pic.................

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Great Picture.. I think I have one pretty similar to that...
Brent, if your kid needed a vocab lesson you should have called.
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