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jeep wont engage in 4-wheel

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I have a 92 jeep yj. I do a little off roading but not much lately. I was in the sand in the summer and I noticed my jeep would be going fine and then it would start getting stuck and I heard a loud clank noise from underneath the vehicle but then it worked fine. This past week we got some and my rear wheels were stuck while the fronts were on dry pavement. I shifted it into 4-wheel and had my girlfriend out looking at the front tires and they didn't spin at all and the clank noise happened again. I had to push it to get unstuck. I'd appreciate any suggestions on what this could be.


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I had a very similar experience when I gernaded (more like nuked) my ring and pinion...

things to check.

Check to see if the wires running to the front axle (towards the center / pass side of the jeep) are connected.

get your rear wheels stuck again, and have your girlfreind check to see if your front driveshaft is turning.

If the driveshaft is turning, and you still aren't gettin 4wd there are a couple of things to check.

The axle dissconnect may not be engaging, and letting the axle freespin.. the clunking you hear might be the sleve trying to engage. somebody on this board might be able to better help with that.

Or you might've broken something major in the front diff if all else fails. Take the diff cover off the front diferential, and drain the oil. look for any large pieces in the bottom of the housing. If there are any, put the cover back on and drive the jeep to a driveline shop, and have them take a look. bring your checkbook.

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The YJ and XJ Dana 30 front axle have a vacuum disconnect system located on the passenger side of the axle tube. The front axle vacuum shifter major parts are the vacuum motor, shift fork and splined collar which slides back and forth to connect/disconnect the two halves of the axle. First check to see if the vacuum lines are connected to the motor. Second, lift the front of the Jeep up so that the passenger side front tire is off the ground. Start the engine and let it idle; shift the tcase into 4wd. Try to spin the tire. If doesn't spin, then the collar has connected the axle together. If it does spin, then there is something wrong with it. It could be that the collar is stuck in the 2wd position and the vacuum motor is unable to get it to move or the shift fork is broken or the vacuum diaphram is bad and has to be replaced. You will have to take the assembly off the axle tube to find out. You can do this by removing the 4 bolts that hold it to the tube. Don't worry about losing the differential fluid; the collar and splines are in a sealed chamber. It will leak out the old, liquid grease, however. My 86 XJ had a problem with the collar getting stuck due to lack of lubrication. What I did was take it apart and lubed the collar and splines with axle grease. It works fine now and I grease the splines every year to keep it that way.

Good Luck!/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif
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