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I can confirm(as if it is needed) what cj dave said about the tongue length. I built a camping trailer 2 years ago based on a military type trailer. It pulled OK but was a real b*tch to back up and move off road. It had about a 2' tongue. After the first trip I lengthened the tongue to about 5', and now it is much easier to back up and pull off road. It also pulls better on the highway. I'm using my 78 CJ-5 with 258 I-6,4spd manual tranny and 4.10 gears to tow this, and it does fine to about 65mph(my top speed). It has enough power to pull it and barely slows down on the steep hills. My trailer weighs about 800-1000 lbs fully loaded.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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