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Jeep with trailer performance

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Can anyone relate their experiences using a short wheel base Jeep to pull a trailer? I need info on how well it would do both at speed on the highway (80 mph) and off road on construction sites. I am concidering a YJ,6cl 5 speed, with a trailer around 4'x6'. Also what kind of mileage would I get? A Cherokee would probably make a better work truck, but I'm going to be driving alot and need a vehicle that is practical and fun.

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/wwwthreads_images/icons/tongue.gif HP-wise you are OK...we pull trailers with our 4.0 ZJ all the time. When using a SWB tow rig, keep this in mind.......trailers with LONG tongues will horse the Jeep around a lot less than the same size/weight trailer with a short tongue. So if you have a pet trailer that you want to tow, LENGTHEN THE TONGUE and you'll be fine./wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif

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I pull a military Jeep trailer behind my CJ-7. I have a 258 and it does OK. Just make sure the tow hitch is reinforced.

I can confirm(as if it is needed) what cj dave said about the tongue length. I built a camping trailer 2 years ago based on a military type trailer. It pulled OK but was a real b*tch to back up and move off road. It had about a 2' tongue. After the first trip I lengthened the tongue to about 5', and now it is much easier to back up and pull off road. It also pulls better on the highway. I'm using my 78 CJ-5 with 258 I-6,4spd manual tranny and 4.10 gears to tow this, and it does fine to about 65mph(my top speed). It has enough power to pull it and barely slows down on the steep hills. My trailer weighs about 800-1000 lbs fully loaded.

I have a 4x8' trailer that I pull with my CJ5, and it does fine. I have loaded it up to 1000 pounds and had it up at highway speeds. Just make sure you don't ride your brakes and you will be fine. I wouldn't tow anything heavier than 1000 lbs, though, as it will try to pass you when you stop.

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I pull this little M416 just about everywhere I go.

I've had it fully loaded with all kinds of camping gear with no problems. The trailer's box measurements are 4x6. I've been able to attain speeds of over 80mph with plenty of throttle left. I also pulled a mid-sized pop-up in my ole 95 YJ which weighed in at 1900lbs (we all know that story). That pop-up had surge brakes to help. And just recently, in the TJ, I took the family to SE Georgia with another pop-up that weighed in at about 1500 lbs. All with no problems. When pulling both pop-up's I was easily able to keep up with the flow of traffic. BTW, my little M416 is a breeze to back up.

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