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You can do it with any transmission. If you get the RPM's right, it'll slide into gears so smooth you'll swear you have a new transmission. The down side is, unless you've had some practice, you'll grind gears every time. I had a BMW 733i I could do this with, smooth as silk, but every vehicle is different. A friend does it with her '66 'Stang, always has, and never a problem.
I was doing this on my Scrambler with the SR-4, when I heard a very loug BANG! Thought I dropped the bottom of the tranny. Since I had no second gear, I figured, what the heck, can't hurt to practice shifting without the clutch. After the big bang, second came back. I was the happiest camper in the world until 3rd left about 500 miles later. It didn't go in a bang either, it went in lots of little crunches and vibrations, 'mm 'mm good! Took 250 miles to eat that gear.
My recommendation is not to do it. Think about it, the clutch is a wearable part, sometimes easily replaced and at a low cost. The transmission is not supposed to be wearable part and costs a lot of money and time to replace. I leave it up to you, but just shifting right should gain you over 100,000 miles on your clutch. I have only replaced 4 clutches and 2 were on an old Scout that finally gave up it's axles at 235,000 miles (it still runs). The other was a Geo Spectrum with 125,000 miles on it, and it turned out to be something else. The last was the Scrambler because I was putting in a new tranny anyway and didn't want to move 400 pounds later to put in $100 worth of parts.

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