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Hey Joe,

Send me an email, I've got a club we're putting together so we can find come plaxes to wheel around this area (Bastrop). I work downtown myself and live out off 304. Theres only like two of us right now, but I had a call last week on a couple of guys that were interested also, the more people we can find in this area, the more likely we are to get some local areas located and set up for our use. My email address is [email protected] or you can get to me through this web site by clicking on the bastrop button. Hope to hear from you so we can move forward. I know there has got to be alot of places to wheel in our area. As to answer your question, there are a few places such as The Slab, Shiloh (no not the one your thinking), this one is in north texas closer to Dallas than here, and a few other places around.

82 Scrambler/360/T5/D300/4" SUA/AMC20/Rear Discs/Somers Bros Axles/D30/3:73's/Lockrite Lockers.
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Smithville, Texas
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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