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I have the shirt, but had to go through the dealership to get it, blech! Goodluck.

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OK 3/4 Ton - I want THAT on my t-shirt! Where to get it? You know - no words or logos or explanations or anything - just that logo. How to do it? In this age of crossing of technologies it can probably be done. I'm serious.


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The "Jeep Head" is from an actually Jeep advertisement out of a 4x4 magazine, i cut it out and framed it, (it hangs in my garage) so i took a picture of it with a digital camera for use on my "web page"
the original is now packed-up since in moving, and the pic i posted is all i have right now. (the original is better quality, and about 5 x 7 inches.)
happy y2k,

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