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I used to work at a salvage yard that repossessed vehicles for the banks...
If I really wanted it, I'd take the wrecker and tow it away...

That was in the mid 70's, and there wasn't a car on the place I couldn't get into and running in 60 seconds...
Some of the ignition kills were the hardest to defeat.
Newer vehicles all have fuel injection, and that presents some interesting ways to disable the vehicle..

I have a friend, and after his S-10 croaked hundreds of times, and was stolen, but abandoned by the thief when the thing quit, we found the problem.
Factory didn't run a ground wire for the computer. So we completely isolated it from body ground, added a ground wire with a switch... Shuts EVERYTHING down... Fuel, ignition, everything....

I haven't committed a crime. What I did was fail to comply with the law...
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