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Hi all,

I have been revamping my website and really would like the opinion of other people, so I can improve it if nessecary....
Things I'd like to know is what you think about the layout, navigation and even the contents, although this hasn't been finished yet and there is a lot more to come.
I don't know whether this is the place to put these kind of posts, but I thought: At least I will get some response from people that are Jeep minded and probably have seen many sites.

If you disagree with me putting this post on this bulletin board, please let me know.

Anyway, the address is and for comments/suggestions you can e-mail me direct at [email protected]

Rene Box

'83 CJ7 I6-258, '81 CJ7 V8-350

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Checked out your sight. Looks good. Only thing I would add is some pictures of jeeps.

98TJ 35's/4.56/detroits lots of other stuff
96XJ 31's/3.73/lockright not quite as much stuff

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