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Just thought I would introduce my self offically and let you all know about the project I have undertaken. I got a 84 cj7 a couple of months ago and completely tore it down to rebuild it well I spent most of the last 3 month tearing it a part and salvaging what was good. Which included the motor
and that ended up being about it. the frame is still good but the body is only good for a complet tube buggy skin which is what it wil be used for by a buddy of mine. Anyway I ran across a great deal on a yj rolling chassis and bought for a complete build up. what it will end up being is a yj spoa with 2 in add a leafs on yj springs 2in body lift, chevy tbi 305, sm465/np205 with scout dana 44s front and rear. rear axle will be locked and front will have a true trac. going to run 36 tsls. I got to start my first real steps of the build up yesterday and got the front sprung over today. I still have to get new ubolts made and modify the spring plates(or make new ones),and make some new spring perches.
just for comparison my son stands 42 ins tall the front is sitting on a 31x10.50 tire the rear is on jack stands to level the bottom of the tub out it measures 32 n floor to ground
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