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My girlfriend likes to write poems. So asked her to write one about Jeeps.
It took her about 10 minutes to come up with this little poem. I was impressed to say the least. I thought yall might enjoy it too.

Whether at war time
or at peace
Its wonders never cease
It will conquer anything
standing still
That's a mountain
To a Jeep it's just a hill
That's a river
Just a puddle I see
That's a ditch
Just a pot hole to me
Lockers and tires-37 inch
If that don't work, use the winch
There's no stopping this machine
Persistence like this you've never seen
So when you think an incline too steep
You might consider owning a Jeep


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Its beutiful. I think I'm gonna cry. I need a girl like that who understands what a Jeep is and what it can do. Your a lucky man!

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Jeep Haiku

2 Rounded Headlights
Another Weekend working
Where is my money

Great poem, better than my Haiku!
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