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Hey everyone! Lately I've been noticing everyone talking about going to junk yards looking for parts and suchs and are coming up empty handed(Yorks, Tilt Steerings). Well just thought I'd let you guys know that there is this place in Elburn, Illinois called Vic's Burning Tree farm and this place is litteraly a Jeep Heaven. Its in the courntry on a farm obivously, but there are a least 100hundred complete running Jeeps avaiable. Some are rust buckets but some he has restored and there are a lot custom Jeeps too. There is a mint Scrambler just beatuiful and a CJ7 w/ a 454, tractor tires, f/r steering w/ dualie tractor tires. So you guys should really check it out if you in Illinois. Actually its worth a trip. He also has barns filled w/ Jeep parts anything you could imagine new, used etc. I guarntee anything. He mainly has CJ's of every make but also a few YJ stuff. Gotta check out the stretched and widened YJ looks like a hummer!! This isn't really a bussiness at all so he trades and barters. BTW the guy Harlod Vic that owns the farm is an old cranky and is always looking to make a quick buck, so watch out for him. Oh one of the neatest things he has is new fiberglass bodies w/ the authenitic Jeep logo stamped on the body. shhhh its illegal. Seriously though any part you can fathom can be found here. So let me know if you guys want any info.


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Okay I'll post the his phone # and address for everyone I just have to find it again!!. Yeah I believe it would be worth the trip from Michigan but I would call him first to make sure he'll be home. Let me know though if you go, he gives better prices to regulars!


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In July I will be travelling thru Illinois from Canada to Chicago and then on to the Rubicon with a buddy.

I would really like to see this Jeep Heaven, if you have the number and address handy it would be greatly appreciated.


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OK i've been to this guy on several occasions......

this guy will rip you off if you give him the chance.....haggle a lot!!!! he tried to sell me the air cleener cover for 50 bucks!!!!!!

also....this guy for some $%#$%# reason hates jeeps.....i dont know why the hell he has so many jeeps but he doesnt like them....go figure

he also isnt the friendliest of usually have to call him in advance to let him know you are coming over.....maybe its becasue im 19 and look like a young-wipper-snapper or something...

if anyone else has had a better expirience with this guy let me know and i'll be shocked.

PS. Elburn is about 70 (i think) miles west of chicagoi'll look for his number too

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