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Jeep Heater Questions

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I have a 65 CJ5 and the heater bust a long time ago so I ripped it out. After a few years of making it through the winter without a heater I have decided it's time for a new one. Is there an easy upgrade out there or should I just stick with the stock setup and reinstall a working one?


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My buddy bought one from JC Whitney that works great.


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When I bought my 79 CJ5 it had no heater. $50 at the junkyard got me all the required parts-- though a 65 might be tougher..... still, if you can get the stock parts it's probably your best bet.


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/wwwthreads_images/icons/tongue.gif JC Whitney's latest catalog has a slew of aftermarket heaters. Our CJ has the little aftermarket box heater built into the center console riser to heat the floor. The Jeep heater has defroster duty only./wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif

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A guy I met while scrounging for parts for these jeep projects had stretched a CJ-7 2-1/2 feet, and had installed a heater on the hump in the back between the seats. It had four vents in the top of the box that swiveled 360 degrees, so it had the potential to throw heat on all four passengers there were seats for. It had a round 360 swivel vent in each side of the box also (For rear passenger feet I suppose).
He said the swivel vents and heater core were out of a Mack truck, the fans were from a computer surplus magazine, and he made the sheet metal housing custom. It seemed to work alright, but I wasn't setting in the back.
What got me was how quiet the computer fans were. With that sucker on full blast, you could still talk in a normal volume and be heard. Really quiet.
It started me thinking...

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The Older Toyota FJ-40's have a neat little rear mounted heater (could be mounted elsewhere) that is a simple hookup and operate by an on/off switch. It is only 1 speed though i believe.

My .02

Kevin Speicher
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i have a spare heater out of a 84 cj7.. should work.. the bolts need some epoxy.. and needs some small things.. the ducts.. i would have to dig it out of storage to know for sure.. would let it go cheap.. [email protected] if you want to contact me..

yep.. its the jeepgod..
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