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Jeep Drivetrain

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HELP - I recently bought two Jeeps, a 84 CJ-8 and a 73 CJ-5, the 8 has a 258 and the 5 has the 304, I'd like to find out for sure what the rest of the drivetrain is (Axles, T-Case, Rears) and if they might have any value for parts or to rebuild them. Please help. Thanks

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OK, my best guesses given the info you provided, and assuming both Jeeps are still stock.
1984 CJ-8: 258 AMC I-6, T-176 trans is possible but not likely, probably either a T-4 (4 spd) or T-5 (5 spd), Dana 300 t-case, Model 20 rear axle, Dana 30 front
1973 CJ-5: 304 AMC V-8, most likely a T-15 (3 spd) but possibly a T-18 (4spd), Dana 20 t-case, Dana 44 rear, Dana 30 front

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G has a page that tells all of the swb history. go to the 4x4 pages and then Jeep. It is under "hot off the press." Every possible part is there and if you click on them you can get more info such as gear ratios and other cool stuff.

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