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Jeep clubs in Illinois

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Perhaps this would be a question for Jeepskate or one of the other chicago area jeepers...Being new to the jeep phenomenon, what clubs are there in our area? How about trails? (I'm guessing that a little drive is in order to reach any trails...) The CJ isn't quite up to par for the trail yet (workin' on that power steering, and a winch is in the works in a few months) but I thought I'd ask while I had a free minute.

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Where in Il are you? North of the city south etc? Depending on my memory and what town you live in I may be able to direct you to a friend of mines club. Later, Andy

Prrobably one of the most active is Two Rivers Jeep Club. They host the Land of Lincoln Jamboree and are primarily based down-state (all private land and the land owners are Jeepers) with a contingent in the ChicagoLand area known as City Boyz. Their membership is filled up for 1999, however it is open enrollment right now until the end of October for Y2K membership. Let me know if you want an application. Another active club is Iron Horse. They're based in northern Indiana near the border. There's a few others that you can find in the club pages here at, but these two seem to be the most active in this area. There's also Midwest Jeepthing which is based in the St. Louis area and has a Great Lakes chapter. They're fairly new, but they're also pretty active officially and unofficially and are starting to make a presence for themselves on a national level.

Check out Iron Horse 4X4 club at:

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