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Hey guys the 29th ASA4WDC's Jamboree in Florence is coming up in OCT 13th thru 17th for any one that wants to try out some of the great trails in AZ. Its open to any 4x4 and all are welcome. We have such trails as Terminator, Predetor, Axle alley, Martinez Canyon, Ajax, Woodpecker, and more. I think I like this new BBS. Hello to all you regulars glad you are making the change.


Re: Jamboree In AZ -Terminators, etc. may be closed!!!

Hi guys, I'm already signed up. Just wanted to drop and line and let you know there is a proposed closure for the trails up by Black Canyon City. This would include Predator, the Terminators,and Anaconda. Go to the off road.landclosure near the top of the main forum page to read more about it. We need to keep this area open. It's imperative.
Sean King
Mesa 4 Wheeler
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