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Jacobs Ignitions

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Im looking for opinions on using a Jacobs ignition on an 85 258 CJ8.

I know there are pros and cons, but, I'm looking for actual experiences.


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I have enjoyed it on my CJ. Started better in cold, and ran stronger. When I swapped in the 4.0 Jacobs sent me the secondary trigger free along with the new ends for spark plugs. I can tell the difference in accelleration even in the 4.0. I give it a Two Moon Guy's Up.

I'm going to give it a moon-guy down on my 88 w/ 258. I had an OMNI PAK for a while, wiring it up was a PITA, I had to use a relay to keep it from running on when you shut off the key, something about the alternator feeding back keeping the thing running, so with the relay, and the wiring of the thing itself - makes for a lot of wires. I didn't see much of an improvement for $300-whatever, but it did pass emissions good with it.

I went HEI, and I still have the OMNI thing in the garage, secondary trigger and all. It's the best $300 space-taker-upper I've ever had. /wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif If anyone in the MA area is looking to try it out, I'd gladly give it to you for you to try. I'm not interested in shipping it.

Good luck

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i have had one on my v8 for a few years now. up until last week, i would say i was very happy with it. now it is making a sizzling sound and missing on every other cylinder. i was under the impression they were waterproof like the ad says. i'm still trying to get something done with it. i called two days ago and after waiting 30 minutes, was told that they had no idea where i got it from. i'm pretty sure i got it from them but even if i didn't, shouldn't their warranty cover it? they also want me to pay $35 for them to test it to see if it is bad. i wish they would have sent me a trigger for free. i had to buy a new one after the adapter for the coil broke. then that trigger started arching to the nearest ground and they charged me for another trigger. from my point of view, their customer service is terrible and because of that, i will not recommend them to anyone. i wouldn't want them to take a chance of experiencing the kind of service i have recieved.

I've been running one on my 304 for a few years now along with a dist. built
by Jacobs. The difference was night and day compared to the points I was
running. You might also look into MSD, they seem to have a pretty good set-up.

I am using the Torquer on a 85 258. It was one the most impressive additions with regard to power and mileage. Excellent at starting even when 20 below. Did have trouble and needed to hook up a relay. Two thumbs up.

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The run-on problem can be solved with a diode.
The diode should be spliced in the wire which "triggers" the alternator.
On my '86 CJ7 that's the small one, on the 2-pronge connector.

The diode should be mounted so that it allows current to flow *into* the alternator, but *not* out from the alternator...

PerJ (From Norway)

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I have one on my '83 with a 258, and I have really liked it. I'll never buy another though, as I have NEVER heard anything good about their customer service, and if you need a repair, they charge you for it. Check out MSD or HEI, as you can get comprable performance for less money.

Phil Baird 83 CJ7
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I ordered one...sent me the wrong thing, sent it back....they sent me the wrong item again, I ordered the proper parts, still sent me the wrong ones. I don't care what difference it makes in performance I will not spend my money on a product that has such poor customer service.

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This doesn't answer your question, but since noone else has mentioned it. Do the GM HEI swap. You won't regret it. I did the swap 2 weekends ago and my Jeep runs like it never has before. I couldn't believe the improvement. My HEI and wires cost me around $100. It is the best $100 I have spent on my Jeep yet. If you are concerned about the install don't be, all the help you need is right here on this BBS.


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