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jacobs has poor cust. service

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i just have to vent a little frustration with jacobs' customer service. i've had an omni pak for four years now and have been mostly happy with it. they sent a ground wire with it to ground the original coil but it was for a male terminal. they also sent an expanding adapter that fit into the coil so the ground wire could connect to it. that worked fine for three years until the adapter rusted. they didn't have anything to replace it with except a new wire that had the connector that should have been sent in the first place. that cost me $25 for a new one. now it's 7 months later and the replacement wire has burned through. they have a lifetime warranty on their wires but they have discontinued this one as well. i had to buy their secondary trigger for $26. if i had known i would go through all this hassle i would have gotten an msd instead.

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I sorry you had this trouble. I too have Jacobs system. Originally I had it on my 258 and it was great .No more hard starting in cold weather. When I swapped in a 4.0 , they sent me the secondary trigger and new ends for the plug wires at no cost. I did have to have my coil reworked but that was my fault. They were very quick in returning the products and have always answered my questions. I will be testing them again because my wire ends are cracking after 5 years. Maybe they have changed. I hope not .

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