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I\'ve got some parts...

I have several bits and pieces to bring to the melt.

Any interest?

1 weber 32/36 with electric choke off a mid-80s 4.0 L Jeep.
1 Calmini Adapter plate
1 modified 1.3 intake manifold for the Weber
(the above are part of a failed attempt to weberize
my Sammy... I think that the jets may be too big or
I was not holding my mouth right...)
1 Radiator, unrodded
1 Air Conditioning radiator fan.
1 Air Conditioning radiator.
2 Samurai Carbs
2 1.3 fuel pumps
1 really sooty 1.3 8v head (untested)
1 air filter case & plumbing
1 NIB intake manifold gasket
Thats it. Any interest?


Re: I\'ve got some parts...

how much for the hole weber and materials to go with it I might have someone you can talk to!

" Go Cheap n' Smooth or Forget about it!"

92 Zuki/235's/header/cherry bomb exhaust/Still Building
72 fj40/crate 350/33's/discs
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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