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I took the truck buy the mech. and he verified that my valves needed to be adjusted, but instead of leaving it with him i figured I would ask you all to give me some tips on adjusting the valve clearences, the chiltons guide must have steered me wrong.z24 4cyl. not sure how to find tdc on the compression stroke. I turned the motor to line up my timing marks and looked at the rotor to make sure it was pointing at no 1 cyl.. am I doing it wrong?


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Make sure you are lining it up properly. The rotor should be PAST the #1 contact in the distributor. The plug will fire before TDC so when you are AT TDC then the rotor should be just past the contact. Also it is best to adjust them when the engine is warmed up and not dead cold (even though there are cold adjustment specs).

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While your in the valves tack a screwdriver and push on the timing chain on the drivers side of the engine and make sure it's tight if not you may have a bad tentioner or bad guide plate that will also cause a rattle that sounds like valves out of adjustment


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Just an FYI, the noise could also be a leaky exhaust manifold or low oil. My 720 had been making what sounded like lifter tick, ended up being a loose exhaust manifold bolt that would let just enough exhaust out to sound like a tick.

easiest way to adjust the valves is turn the crank until there is slack between the rocker arms and valve stem.. check to make sure its around .020" between the two.


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