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Re: It\'s OK Ozarkjeep, we\'re fine.


I laughed so hard I almost puked. You guys have no idea of what a BBQ is. We in the northeast, and the further northeast you go, the better you are, truly know how to BBQ. You're nuts you say? Not hardly. See, you have nice beef to start with, juicy, tender, melt in you mouth beef (I had some once and I'll never forget it) whereas we have shoe leather, tough, brittle, flavorless. If we can make the shoe leather palatable, that's ONE HELL OF A BBQ!


Good point. My parents were the same. They used to put an expended shell in the chamber to see if we'd check when we picked up the firearm. If not, look out. All us 4 kids turned out great, and morals are the center of the universe. BTW, I became a state volunteer firearms instructor due to my love of guns and being able to hit what I shot at. One shot, one kill.

Part of the problem is people emulating their parents. Take household A, they live a good upstanding life, work hard, and succeed. They have 2.3 kids and 1.6 dogs, all of whom emulate thier parents and become upstading citizens. Now take household B, they live off welfare and try to cheat the system at every turn. They have 4 inter-related kids by different spouses and collect child support from all of them to increase their income. Those kids grow up and do the same. Now household B outnumbers A by a substantial amount. My sister in law did this, 3 kids by different guys, never married. She was pulling down $1,600 a month, free and clear, never worked a day in her life and won't have to. She lives off the state (which is OK for short periods of time, it's original intent) and has everything paid, including medical, cable, housing, electricity, and food because she's a "low income qualified disadvantaged mother". Horsehockey! She's a welfare leech that should be banned from the system. So while my wife and I have no children (yet), she has 3 of them. Now I know they might not grow up to be like her, but the odds are good they will as they don't know another lifestyle or morals.

It's the blame game, and who's responsible. Now they're going after the gun manufacturers? Why, guns were meant to kill, no other reason, but they can't do it alone. If the converse is also true, shouldn't the winner of the Pulitzer Prize for literature give the award to the typewriter company? See, it doesn't pass the straight face test.

OH, BTW, CJDave for President!

'81 CJ-8 Scrambled!
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