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Re: It\'s a wheel Q this time...

I'm not sure of the "AR-767" model, but I run American Racing steel wheels on my Scrambler and I like them. I bought the 2 white ones and painted them black (to match the other 3 black ones, didn't want to wait for the order). I wheel hard with them and they hold up great, I'm running 33" Swampers on 8" wide and they're beat to hell and back. I do a lot of mixed wheeling, some rock, mud, but mostly trails. When the rims near the sidewall get too "out of whack", I remove them and beat them back into shape. Only 1 of my tires leaks, but it's due to the valve stem and I always forget to replace it. The rims don't seem out of round and always smooth out after the first 10 miles on the road (bia plys tend to get a flat spot after sitting). I hope this helps.

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