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Islander/maui summer top

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OK, guys. Really enjoyed the S&W/Ruger thing, HOWEVER, it's time for something on-topic now.

Any of you installed what the catalogues call an islander or maui or safari top on a CJ with a stock roll cage?

You know, this is the top like a bikini top but it shades the rear seat area also, and supports the canvas with struts going to the slanted roll cage members and it has straps that go to footman loops in the back of the tub.

Questions are: how does this thing handle highway speeds (like 65 or 70)? Does it flap more than your standard bikini top? I'm gonna go deaf from the gunfire anyway, so it doesn't matter to me, but my wife is different.

If you've tried it, did you like it?

Thanks in advance.

Bone stock rigs: '81 CJ7, '96 ZJ. Moab every summer!
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hey 45
we thought about getting one also. saw one in a magazine.
we had a bikini top but dog wasn't getting any shade.
tucson has more sun than washington.
we decided to put on the full soft top that came with the jeep. just bought in jan.
took off rear and side windows for air and freedom.
rattles less than bikini and much better quality. it is a best top brand.
good luck with the maui.


Thanks. Lets me know I'm not the only guy thinking of laying out bucks to keep a dog comfortable. That's why I'm interested in the long sun shade. My jeep is a hardtop, so the doors come off and some kind of canvas goes up come spring.

The dog, incidentally, is what we call a cow dog, just the kind of mongrel used around here to herd cattle or sheep, basically a border collie with a slug of other stuff added in. But he is smarter than the vast majority of Clinton supporters and a helluva lot more honest than any of them, so he's worth it, I guess.

And you're right, Tucson has more sun than Washington, but bear in mind we are from the eastern side of the state, which is a desert, not a rain forest. Our area (Tri-Cities; where the Snake and Columbia rivers join) often goes over 100 degrees in the summer, which runs from May through September.

Keep the rusty side down, guy.

Bone stock rigs: '81 CJ7, '96 ZJ. Moab every summer!
I have the best top supertop and I remove the rear windows and the doors and there is nothing finer...however this year I'm looking at pickup up the bikini top and deck cover. It looks like it'll keep me mostly dry in the rain and keep me from being burnt to a crisp my main concern...that is of course with no doors/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif

80 CJ-7 Laredo 304v8 TF999 3.73's BFG M/T's
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I use BesTop's Safari top on my 82 CJ-7 from time to time, and it's extremely noisy. I'm not positive, and too lazy to go look, but I think the Maui top is made by Steel Horse which is reason enough to stay away from it. Steel Horse has a reputation for producing stuff of extremely poor quality.
I haven't done it to my Safari top yet, but I quieted my regular bikini top down by gluing a backing to it. I bought some high density, commercial grade, foam carpet pad, cut it so that it was a few inches smaller than the bikini, covered it with black denim, and glued with 3M spray adhesive to the underside of the bikini. It worked good for me; the bikini is now almost as quiet as a hard top. If you try it, be sure to leave enough of a gap (about 2" or so) between the edge of the padding and the plastic strip that fits in the windshield channel. Also, leave a gap of about 2" at the rear of the top.Otherwise, the top will be next to impossible to install.


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