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Is this the bracket I need for on-board air?

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I found an 83 wagoneer in a local junk yard it has a 360 and A/C so if I get the compressor and all brackets would I be able to mount them to my 304. In theory this should work b/c they are the same block, right? Is there anything else I should be taking?

80 CJ-7 Laredo 304v8 TF999 3.73's BFG M/T's
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You might want to check out your Jeeps motor real close and get the location of the power steering and alternator, some times these brackets were diff. on the motors with A/C. The mounts were either high or low depending if it had A/C or not. In that case you would need the P/steering or Alt. brackets, or both as well. The idler pulley and harmonic pulley, and the one for the water pump will need to be changed out as well, depending on the type you get the pulley on the alternator may also need to be changed. This can all be had from a doner motor.
Hope this helps


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