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this was posted in Flzuks and then posted in GaZuks

read it and please reply.
could we get a petition goning on this sorry i don't know how

--- In [email protected], "Raymund Woo, MD" <[email protected]> wrote:

The U.S. Forest Service is considering 8 changes to the Tellico ORVA
all of us and we need to voice our opinion. Most
significant is proposal #4, where they are considering
CLOSING ALL OF TELLICO from January 1st through March
15th each year. This means those who wheel during
these time frames will either not wheel at all, which
means less money for maintenance or they will have to
wheel at other times of the year, which means more
crowded trails.

Consider this a call to arms of sorts. You are asked
to take a few moments of your time and 37¢ of you hard
earned money and send a letter to the U.S. Forest
Service pleading them to reconsider. Keep in mind that
closing the trails during this time frame will not only
effect us, the wheelers, but also the local economy,
i.e. Steve Crawford of Crawford Camp and Chuck & Helen
Davis of Tellico Cabin Rentals just to name a few.
Their lost revenues will either be passed on to us as
higher prices or force them out of business completely.

Send your letters postmarked no later than August 10th
District Ranger Charles N. Miller
Tusquittee Ranger District
123 Woodland Drive
Murphy, NC 28906

If you just cant seem to put a good argument together
contact Chuck & Helen Davis at [email protected],
they'll be more than happy to help all they can.

Act now or we'll begin to lose Tellico for good. You
know once it is gone there will be no getting it back.

Morris Rothfeldt
ECBR Administrator

This is the legal notice posted in the Cherokee Scout
on July 10, 2002.

Request for Comments
USDA Forest Service
Nantahala National Forest
Tusquittee Ranger District
Cherokee County, NC

The U.S. Forest Service is considering implementation
of a number of restrictions and prohibitions in the
Upper Tellico ORV Area in Cherokee County, NC. For the
protection of public users and natural resources the
following regulations and restrictions are being

1. Prohibit possession or use of alcoholic beverages
anywhere in the Tellico ORV Area.

2. Operating a motorized vehicle on Trail #1 (Forest
Road #420) in excess of 20 MPH.

3. Prohibition of overnight camping along Trail #1
from the Tennessee state line to 100 yards past the
Tipton Creek bridge and on Trail #5 up to the Tellico
River crossing (known as the "Rough Crossing"). Within
this area no camping would be allowed between the road
and the Tellico River, between the road and Tipton
Creek, or within 100 yards of any live stream or bog
area. Also prohibited would be overnight camping in
any parking areas in this area as well as the parking
facilities at Allen Gap.

4. Being on the trail system with a motorized vehicle
from January 1 through March 15 each year with the
exception of Trail #1 (Forest Road #420).

5. Being on Trail #2 or Trail #9 with any ATV (four
wheelers or motorcycles). Only larger type vehicles
such as jeeps, pickup trucks, etc. would be allowed on
these trails.

6. Being on Trail #10 with any large type vehicle such
as jeeps, pickup trucks, etc. Only ATVs (four wheelers
or motorcycles) would be allowed on this trail.

7. Using any type of vehicle on any trail that is not
capable of four wheel drive operation and failure to
have the vehicle "locked in" four wheel drive. This
would not apply to ATVs such as four wheelers and

8. Possession or use of any vehicle with studded tires.

An environmental analysis is currently being conducted
for these proposals; it is anticipated that a Decision
Memo will be prepared in accordance with Forest Service
Handbook 1905.15 section 31.2 Pursuant to 36 CFR 215.5,
the District Ranger is seeking comments on this
proposal. Comments must be postmarked or received 30
days beginning the day following the publication of
this notice. Comments should be sent to Ranger Charles
N. Miller, Tusquittee Ranger District, Cherokee County,
NC 28906, phone (828) 837-5152. Additional information
may be obtained at this address.
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