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----Is my Jeep running 180 degrees out of phase???

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Orange from Distributor = minus (-)??????? Is this right?
Purple from disttributor = plus (+)?????? Is this right?

1982 CJ7 with MSD, stock dist, MSD coil, Howell TBI.

I just rewired my Jeep custom (Nov to now). Before the rewire it ran perfect. Now I started it and it "runs" horrible for few seconds only. I get spark, and I have confirmed the fuel pump is OK. However when I do get it to "start" is runs rough, and backfires though the carb. It almost sounds VERY lean. I THINK it may be running 180 degrees out.

So to make 100% sure I need to know the polarity of the distributor wires

If I had the distributor wires switched, would my engine run 180 out, and cause the symptoms I describe? Could I have caused any damage?? (It made a horrible crunch noise after the 3rd time I tried to start it)

If I had the coil hooked up wrong, or a mixed TFI wire, would that cause such a problem?

Thanks guys, need your help here to make sure.
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Re: ----Is my Jeep running 180 degrees out of phas

Thanks guys. I guess it depends on what your defenition of "running is" I define running as turning over and not stopping for 2-3 seconds only.

I followed the wires, did some more research and they WERE switched. I switched back and perfect like before.
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