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My 84 cj is a beast to drive. While on the highway (only on my way to the trails) I notice that my steering wheel is all over the place... Left, right, left again, right again, 1/2 turn to the left, 3/4 turn to the right, etc.

When on the trail I get worn out cause I am trying to keep it on the trail.

I am thinking maybe the steering box needs to be replaced cause there is to much play. Is there a way to check this? What should I look for? I plan on changing the tie rod ends this spring and would like this jeep to be easier to control.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

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I had the same problem ona 76 CJ, I replaced the gear box and that help quite a bit. I think there was still some slop in the steering column joints though, a new steering shaft would have helped a lot. To check where the slop is on yours, have somebody turn the steering wheel back and forth (not actually turning the tires) and look at the input to the gear box and the output, if they both appear to be turning at the same time with little delay then your box is fine. If there are delays, a new box would help, check your steering shaft is the same way. I new/rebuilt box will run around $200 though so be prepared.

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The steering box is only one of a number of things that can cause slop in the steering. Other things to look at include:
1. steering column and couplings
2. Track bar (if your Jeep has one)
3. Worn tie rod ends
4. Worn ball joints
5. Steering box loose or steering box bracket loose
6. worn shackle bushings or spring eye bushings
7. wheel bearings not correctly tightened

More often than not, loose steering results from a combination of one or more of the above-listed items. The steering box has a backlash adjustment that is worth trying before discarding the steering box.

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