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Is anybody getting their JP magazine

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Just wondering if anybody is getting their JP magazine. I got a subscription last november. They quickly sent me one saying that there were more on the way. I payed promptly and haven't recieved another one. I did move in January and did change my address with JP. So is it just me or is other people having trouble with this mag? thanks in advance.

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I'm not having any problems although I do remeber wondering why it took my first issue so long to get here. I gave em a call and they cleared it up. You know it only comes 6 times a year right? It seems like forever between issues.

/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif Yep......ours came not very long ago. You have to understand that their subscription dept. is just about the lamest bunch of incompetents I have ever seen. I had to get on their a-- about processing my subscription renewal./wwwthreads_images/icons/frown.gif

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My last one is April 2000, I assume that that's the latest...

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Hey! Petersons Publishing is one of our clients, how can you say that! /wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif

I received last months with no problem, but I don't have April's yet... anyone have JP's #?

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I just got my May issue yesterday (3-27). In it the editorial goes over when they're releasing the issues. Sounds like you have a subscription problem, I would call and b****. Petersen sent my subscription to Car Craft a few doors down after I moved, and it only took one call to straighten it out. However, I was pretty persistent and went thru 2 operators!

I'm pissed at them. I'm not getting mine either. Renewed my subscription in Jan. Check cleared their bank on 1/20/00. Haven't received an issue since something like November. E-mailed them about it twice and still no response. I'd love to talk to them on the phone and let them know how I feel and ask where the hell my magazine is. Anyone have that number??

I received one copy last year and none since. i move a lot due to my job so at first I thought they didnt get my address change. But somehow the requests to renew my subscription arrive about every 3 weeks. I would like thier number also.Later,
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Sorry, I don't have the number but I called the one in the front of the for the subscription dept and asked them about a missed issue. Well to make a long story short, they extended my subscription by 2 issues and renewed it for $11.97 for 2 yrs as oppossed to $9.97 for 1 yr. They were actually very nice and helpful. The May issue just arrived today.

From page 4 of their March 2000 issue

subscription info 800-678-8012

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Got mine today. 3/28

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