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Is a Midget Racing frame strong enough??

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to make a 4x4 buggy?? Basically, I have access to one and have enough parts lyuing around to make a one seater buggy. The tubing is primarly .120" walled chrome molly (the cage is .095" wall). Let me know and thanks for your time....

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Well if you are talking about a midget sprint car, i am not sure how you would make it 4 wheel drive. I go to alot of midget races around the midwest, and have seen more than i have wanted to get upside down and flip at 130 mph, so i can attest to how strong they roll cage is, but it would make a sweet looking buggy. If you slap some paddles on the back and keep the lil 4banger you should scoot right around in the dunes, but if you plan on jumping and doing high speed desert racing, i would probably shy away from it, they are incredably lowand you would have to do alot of work to get any kind of suspension travel. This is not to mention they have to be push started (easily fixed) and have no transmission (they have an in/out rearend) or have room for one.

Why not spend $30000 and get an engine and race it /wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif.

I sure we are talking about the same type of midget /wwwthreads_images/icons/shocked.gif.

Get Dirty!!!
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Same one and thanks for the info. There is alot that is going to happen to it to make it a 4x4. Lengthening it for starters (.120" chrome molly of course, sleeved (like they do when they fix one that has hit the wall)), heim joints, coil over, etc. I plan to run a Chevy 350 carbed, TH400 (getting ready to build it very soon), NP205. There is a TON of other things that will have to be addressed/modified-to-adapt-to-fitted, etc. Eventually, it will run on 38" Bogger's that will be sipped and trimmed appropriately. Once it is done, I will post a pic or two.

P.S. If I can get another frame, I will get into racing with it.....

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