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Hi All,

I just signed up for the BBS. Working on my ZJ right now replacing the water pump and thermostat. My shop maunal is in storage right now and I was wondering if anyone can give me the torque spec for the water pump bolts.

Also I had alot of buildup of water deposits on the thermostat opening. I messed up using tap water and will never do that again. It seems the base where the gasket seals has been etched back and is slightly porous now. It's an old jeep, 94 and replacing the intake isn't an option. I'm wondering if anyone has an idea on a sealer I can use that will fill in those spots when I torgue the thermostat neck down. Planning to use permatex but maybe there's something better. I usually only permatex one side but this time I think I'll do both to try and get a good seal.


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You failed to mention which engine you have so I will give you specs for :
4.0L water pump bolts = 13ft. lbs. (18Nm)
5.2L water pump bolts = 30ft. lbs. (40 Nm)
As far as the thermostat housing intake surface, you could have it machined, you could try sanding it down yourself, or you could just put some permatex on both sides and see if that does the trick.
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