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Real nice fine, thanks for sharing. Have you crossed anything about mating a 4.0L wiring harness to a CJ harness? I am not ready to do this just yet, but will be there in a couple of weeks. DuaneD

85 CJ8 Undergoing Frame-up Modifications w/4.0 standing by for transplant w/T176/Dana300 - Lookin for aluminum or chrome 15x8 spoke wheels to fit CJ.

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Sorry, can't help you out on the 4.0L to CJ wiring harness, but I'm sure there is someone here on this board who has done the swap or put in the MPI kit.

That site does have a few interesting tech notes, although they tend to be GM or Ford related. In one of the older issues there was another tech note on electric fuel pump testing that I also found rather interesting. The problem is you need a scope to test it.
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