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Instead of a locker, install a spool

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In this month's Peterson's 4wheel, or JP, or something, they mention installing a spool instead of a locker...

What does this require? What is the difficulty rating for an "average" home mechanic (scale 1-20, 20 is OH MI GAD WHY DID I START THIS FREAKING JOB????)

I'm not opposed to buying a few specialty tools to get it done right...

I'd rather be...
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Mini spool easiest, uses stock carrier. Full spool will involve resetting ring gear to pinion backlash, pretty easy but takes a little time with the right tools (dial indicator with magnetic stand and selection of bearing shims). If you are driving on the street you will see very increased tire wear. If you want to take the effort to do a full spool, spend the extra money for a Detroit Locker instead.

Brad (from the 4 Wheeling center of the universe, 4 corners USA)
Does anybody make a mini or full spool for the D30 in the yj's? A friend of mine really wants one in his, and a rock lock for the disconect... anybody know for sure where to get one?

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The only experience i have had with spools is in drag cars..strait line, when you want both wheel spinning at the same speed at all times. If you attempt to drive a spooled vehicle on pavement, any turning will involve severe tire chatter and wear along with horrible drinveing in snow and rain when turning. your best bet is a locker or posi were the inside wheel slows down when turning but locks up both wheels when one begins to spin.i have a locker in my wrangler and a posi in my truck and both work great.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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