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i just installed ONE TJ flare using a Dewalt Sawzall with the 14tpi blade for metal.

It seemed the blades were VERY weak and i snapped 4 of them just doing one flare.

what is everyone else using for this??


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I have used a 24 tpi bi-metal sawzall blade. I have also used a cut off wheel for a 4.5 inch grinder. Both worked well kinda personal pref which one. The grinder blades i use are called razorblade 27 and they are made by flexovit. I get them at Red Ball Oxygen a welding supply store.
Oh yeah couldn't remember if I e-mailed you or not I got the pinion. Thanks a bunch. You wouldn't happen to have the race for the pinion bearing do you. Don't go to a lot of trouble to get it out if you still have it. Thanks again. Hope I helped with the trimming.


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Yeah, 14 tpi is awful coarse for metal. Most sheet metal work should be done with at least 24 and preferably 32 tpi. This is going from hacksaw/bandsaw reccomendations, but it will be the same with a sawzall. Go slow to avoid heat warping the sheetmetal, and put some paint on it before you put on the flare.

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i use a 90degree die grinder for all my sheetmetal work. Beats a jigsaw any day of the week. But you have to have air. I do agree that 14 tooth blade is way to course. Try a 24 or better yet a 32.

Can someone please bring me a hammer my 33's just ate my fender again. Damn i need more lift.
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