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Input!!! Charging System quit at -24F.

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Yesterday the temps were -36F. Today -24F. Today the charging system quite. I havn't looked at it yet other than to confirm the belt is still on. A slight squeel was heard while driving it.

My first concern is to tow it home and get it on a charger before the battery freezes. (I drove it several blocks to get me to work and a WARM, SAFE place, so an uncharged optima battery is in. Do optimas freeze?)

Does anyone have any experience with alternators in the cold? Regulators? I am kinda electrically challenged, so any input would be appreciated.

BTW, recently I tightened the belt, the alternator would squeel when lights, defroster, radio and charging were all taking place. I eliminated the squeel, I don't think I overtightened the belt, very dificult with the OBA and the homemade brackets and idlers.
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I'd guess that you have a diode shorted in the alternator. Mine did the same thing the first night after I bought it. You might try a test we used to do. Start the engine, turn on the headlights and then remove the ground cable from the battery and see if it will stay running. If it won't, the alternator is not producing enough current.
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